Allure Core Values


Every Business needs to know their Core values and what they stand for.

Please see Allure’s below:

  • GOAL & STANDARD: Allure believe in the highest standard and nothing else will do, from client care, to education and loving what we do makes Allure unique and a leading business in the hair & beauty industry.  In Life we learn from our mistakes, and if we do not make them, we cannot learn to push ourselves further, in life and business we all face challenges but it is how we address them, that changes them and how we look at them and at Allure we like to look at them as Opportunities to help us get better in what we do.


  • EDUCATION & EMPLOYMENT: This we are so passionate about and we all love to up skill, refresh and educate ourselves, our learners and the public.  We give the best of us to others. To date we have 100% employment rate and work along side salons both here and abroad on employment of our learners. Salons now call us for our learners due to our standard.


  • POSITIVITY: We aim to stay positive and never give up , even when times are hard, we believe in positivity to help us be successful and to enjoy what we do. We only hire positive  people to build our team. Allure believe that for a healthy life and work place that all our team should be positive and surround ourselves with positive people only.


  • COMMUNITY: We strive to engage with charities to help funding for them  and we believe in supporting the community to support local business


  • INNOVATION & CREATIVITY: We Love to be unique and lead in the industry, thinking outside the box and to be ahead of the trends. We welcome new ideas and adapt to the changing world & industry that we live in. In this industry we need to be creative and inspiring and we aim to set out to bring this into our classes and salon looks.


  •  FAMILY:  Allure believe in working as a family and a team, to support and encourage each other, our learners and to maintain a fun, comfortable, welcoming environment for everyone around us, and to look after the welfare of Allure/Clients/Models & learners. This is key to us and we ensure we meet their needs at all times.

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