Gok Wan

When Gok Researches you himself and wants your Team for our Standard and Hands on approach …… IT IS AMAZING X

In April 2017 The legend who Is ” Gok Wan” Looked for Joan and her Allure Team to conduct Hair up styling and styling for he’s  ” Gok Wan Brunch Fashion Club ”  in the Desmond Hotel in Limerick.

Gok Completes he’s own research and choose Allure, which is a huge Honour for us.

Thank you Gok Wan and Team.

What a fab day we had.

To Arrive to Limerick early in the morning to create some beautiful looks and have some fun and the main part of the day was working and meeting with Gok, ” A Legend”

Our Director Joan with Our Manager Emma all set and ready for the Gok Wan Fashion Brunch Club .xx


Joan And Gok.