Hair & Make up Seminar with James Wallace.


James is back, with new ideas, styles, tips tricks and looks.


“This day is not to be missed . Whether you are a hairdresser, make up artist, beauty therapist, Director, Educator , any level of stylist or artist or a beginner and you wish to see what the hair & beauty industry is about before committing ,get tips and tricks this day will motivate, educate and inspire you ”


James Profile:

  • Owner of James Wallace creative hair and make up boutique in Belfast.
  • 3 time Northern Ireland Hair Champion.
  • All Ireland bridal champion .
  • Blackpool bridal champion.
  • Current Shaz awards hairdresser of the year trained makeup under Ciara Daly and regular judge of the Northern Ireland and the all Ireland championships.
  • Ulster Bridal hair expert and has worked on numerous high profile fashion editorials and fashion shows within Northern Ireland, he also catered for a celebrity Clientele when he managed a London Salon.
  • In 2016 James was chosen from 30,000 hairdressers to join the ID masters Team.


Course Outline: James will complete a Bridal Upstyle, Night Time upstyle along with A bridal Make up look and a Night time make up look. This will be a look and learn seminar for everyone, with some light refreshments. The course will be certified.

Date : Sunday January 29th January 2017.

Time: 2pm – 6pm ( roughly) . You can speak with James after and ask as many questions as you want.


Location: Allure Midland College of Hair, Make up & Beauty Seminar room ( with stage, catwalk, Lights, Mic, Pa and catwalk).

Cost: €35. Full payment is required to secure you seat and is non refundable and non transferable.

DISCOUNTS FOR ALL PAST & CURRENT ALLURE LEARNERS Contact us for prices. **Discounts: Bring your Salon & receive a group discount.

Awarding Body: Allure Midland College of Hair, Make up & Beauty Make up & Upstyling Seminar with James Wallace.

To book a seat or find out on discounts email us on or call our college on 0579361419.

Feedback from James Last Seminar at Allure:

So what did some and this is only some of what our attendees had to say .Some are training with us or other colleges, some are from other salons and we caught up with just some of them .xx

Yvonne said ” This seminar was Great, got lots of useful tips and staff were great, very pleasant”

Holly said ” The seminar was helpful, creative and enjoyable, staff very good and helpful and James was very honest and very good at explaining he’s demonstrations ”

Shannon said ” The seminar was very detailed and very easy to learn, I got on great with staff and they were very helpful and understanding. Everyone helped me in every way possible and classmates and tutors and they explained everything when I struggles through anything”

Alva said ” I taught it was very goos, extremely happy I came, James is extremely talented and has good Little pointers also, staff @ Allure were great, the seminar room /layout was amazing , different towards Tuesday !! ha Classmates were very friendly ”

Nicole said ” Fun, rewarding and I feel I am more confident now and I love all my tutors, always there to help me in my ITEC level 2 Courses I am sitting at the college , Staff are always very friendly and offer advice on anything I ask about ”

Kellie Hand ” James was very helpful, Great tips to help me. Staff are always friendly and helpful and everyone made me feel very friendly and homely making it more comfortable”

Joan said ” Seminar was very informative and great advice, Staff were all very friendly ”

Loretto said ” I found the seminar to be very enjoyable. James did 2 amazing upstyles which were great to watch being done, he also did lovely make up and gained some great tips, staff were very friendly and everyone was great to compare notes to help out each other”

Chloe said ” I found it very interesting . James was vert friendly & informative, staff were also very friendly and everyone was very approachable ”

Shannon said ” Brilliant tips in both hair & make up, different techniques to create looks at affordable prices, very clear and understandable in explaining how to do it and everyone was lovely ”

Jo said ” I found the seminar interesting and informative. I learned a few new things , it is alwats nice to see some one else work and their style of hair and make up. I would have the same style as James when it comes to make up, staff and tutors were amazing as always with tea & coffee to hand, all helpful ”

Paula said ” As a hairdresser I loved the hair hair side of the day but my 13 year old daughter loved the make up, she said she wants James Wallace to do her hair & make up when she gets married – lol , Lovely mother & daughter day out so Thank you Allure, Staff are lovely , friendly girls, very welcoming, fantastic team and great tips, we are never finished learning”

James was so delighted all our attendees enjoyed it so much . James said

“Had an amazing day teaching a sold out hair and makeup seminar at Allure college, Ireland’s biggest independent college! the new seminar room looked great guys‪#‎ilovemyjob‬ ‪#‎blessed‬ a big thanks to my beautiful Melissa” “I am so Glad all our attendees had a great day”

Extras front the night:

“JAMES WALLACE was amazing – a gent as always, so talented, informative, so funny and so professional. James made everyone feel so comfortable and you could ask any question you wanted”

img_1827 img_1828 img_1866 img_1869 img_1891

What to wear to an event like this ?

This is a question we all ask including our team, we always say dressy casual, be comfy, however It is a chance to dress up so take advantage, everyone looked amazing , fashion was great and suited the event. It was also warm, with this weather!!! it needs to be.

I personally had no plan or clue what to wear, untill the day, and I was in early stages of pregnancy and I went for a black fitted Jump suit, with comfy  heels and a nice dressy white blazer. Staff were Fab as always and we did not get a group picture of them all, but we got a few before and after pics. Messers some of these are .



The Event.

  • After some back stage snaps we were ready to go . The seminar was held in our very own seminar room and Des did sound and lights for us . Big thank you to him 💋💋😘💝xx
  • We started at 2 pm and finished up around 6pm. We had a great turn out and more had paid to come but at the last minute could not attend, so I think we lost 10 in total and some are also missing from the group picture above. I welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming, spoke on the plan and set up for the day and how we would break in between looks for tea, Coffee, and all the smokers !
  • James brought he’s own model with him, and she was genuinely a beautiful person inside and out . Melissa Elliott, you are a gem, so easy to work with and you knew your stuff!!! Melissa, a talented and beautiful Model, is also a leading FREELANCE Make up artist,having worked with leading Make up Brand MAC. Everyone was so excited !
  • James began with a Bridal Hair look followed by a Bridal Make up look. Both were amazing.

This style was fab and so lovely for a bride .

img_1889 img_1890











After the break, James completed he’s Occasional hair up again followed by more creative and current Make up Look.







I thanked James and Melissa , praised them and talked on the super day we just had. I announced all names of our audience and James presented them with certificates . We had a group picture and that was the day done, which we were all sad on, but we look forward to our summer seminar with James again.

img_1819 img_1818 img_1817




This was the staff having fun after the event,  we blame Karen & Lauren !!!


Thank you to everyone who attended this event and to you all or reading our blog post and we will be back with dates on our summer seminar with James Wallace.

Much Love

Joan xx