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  • Deciding on a new career, a change of career, and a new chapter in your life can be daunting and is a serious decision as it is going to be your career and something you can be proud to have. @ Allure, learners can contact us any time, check out our website, receive our information pack in the post or by email, set up a one to one meeting with our Director Joan or college Manager Leighanne, where you can view our 7,000 square foot college, meet students and our team, and Joan will sit with you to discuss your future career, goals & achievements.


  • At this meeting Joan/Leighanne will gain an insight to what your goals & needs are , and you receive guidance, support & advice on what course suits your needs and requirements, Together then we will go through your options, and what is available to you . Some students like to book there and then , others like to take all the information away with them and decide on which course will suit them best , either way Allure will be there to support and guide you in any way we can.


  • Once you have decided , you can pop in to us to fill out a Enrolment form, and leave a NON REFUNDABLE Booking deposit to hold and secure your place. We do offer payment plans on all courses, however if learners leave before the course is complete, your course fee must still be paid.


  • We Train learners in a fun, and realistic environment with live models, to get learners ready for The Real salon Life Experience. We work with different learners, and different types of learners example – Visual etc . We use different types of learning types, book work, spider webs, flip charts, handouts, projector, game techniques, assessment methods and loads more to help break down theory to make learning easier for you . As it is daunting for beginners and even if you are up skilling etc, we work on communication and confidence building as well as helping students over come their nerves and fears of returning to education, starting a fresh, dealing with clients and issues and basically helping all learners become confident , experienced, professional Hair Stylists, Barbers, Beauty Therapist and Make up artists ready to take on any role in employment that will come their way.


  • We Motivate all learners to ensure they will achieve their goals and we will guide, support and encourage each and every student to achieve their dreams.
  • To date we have 98% success rate in securing jobs for all Classic course students in Hairdressing and a 95% rate on all other courses. This is due to our High standards of training, but learners, ability and dedication ┬áis needed for you to succeed, this is vital for learners progression.
  • Allure will keep class numbers small for one to one training so no over looking occurs, each and every learner is asked to have a diary to hand to us each evening to record their weaknesses and strengths of each day, so our Team of Educators can work on these and help learners, see that they are progressing, and to work on a one to one basis with learners on weaker areas. Writing our taught’s down is also known to help us as humans.
  • We also work close with salons, FREE OF CHARGE on recruitment, as we train learners in a realistic and working environment , and have them salon ready , this works great for salons.

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