Management Program

Are you a busy Hair or Beauty salon owner, working on the salon floor, trying to manage and run a salon, management, have a life, and some time out and your stylist’s are doing their very best and as we do in the industry, they are promoted up to management from a stylist and they need guidance on this and you need guidance on this, as it can be very over whelming . I designed this program as we all have being there, it is so hard and a friendly professional ear to help you is what we are about. I know too well the first hand struggle this is and how I got through this in my own business, with so much personally going on also.


This Program can help:

  • The Salon Doctor , ¬†will establish what you need from the salon and your team or managers. I love to hear from he salon owner to what they feel the managers are doing and could be doing, this can be a long list and that is totally fine as it gives me a clearer guide.
  • I will look at what they are doing, where we need help and guidance and from that I will design a program to help you and them grow in a fun, free from stress way.
  • I can arrive to your salon or the salon an come to me and together look at all that needs changing, tweaking or motivating, designing plans and procedures for going forward.
  • I will of course conduct a number of management methods and guidelines for the salon and team.
  • I Will give detailed feedback to the salon owner.
  • I will conduct a 3 month Doctor check up to see how all our plans and systems are working.
  • We can add in education to the program on any area you may need fro your salon team but that is a extra option and can be completed at any time and I do feel once we focus on one area first we can add this on to the salon as we progress and grow.



  • Constant support if needed for managers and salon owners until our Doctor Check up.


For more on this service please email me in strict confidence on