Our Mission & Our Why

” The Salon Doctor set up in 2017 , will work closely with what salons needs, and will ensure salon owners, mangers, & stylists benefit by offering In house education in our college, or in your own salon”.


We aim to deliver high standards, with unique personalised exclusive programmes designed around your salon ethics, standards in mind”


” I  am in this Industry for 23 plus years and My mum was a hair dresser running her own salon so I grew up in the industry, not only that I have faced a marriage break down, social media bullying and personal bullying from a business also in the Industry , to loosing so much in my self and in my business yet I still got up and built the largest private hair & beauty college in Ireland with over 7,000 square foot  and when I look back to this I wonder how did I do it as I had no money, suffering serious depression , a small baby and life on top of me, with every day struggles and a house being built , a new baby so the hormones of that!!!  but my passion, drive and love for what I do and of course my team, our support with our learners, clients, salons, staff and families got me through it  and I am forever thankful to you all for that” 

Why Did I  set up the Salon Doctor?

In this industry years, there has always being a weakness with education whether in some colleges or in some salons and along with that it can be so so lonely and hard, and I want to help others in their time of need.  Allure deliver the highest standard of training, and we now are ready to bring that on the road around Ireland, to educate and help stylists & salon owners. The demand is there and we constantly receive a lot of emails and calls from salons on the areas we have now launched. We as humans all fall into bad habits, we can loose our standard and we can get bored or stuck in a root. We may know how to complete a hair cut , but do we understand it ? If the answer is you are unsure then please get in touch with us. We want to educate you all on why we do what we do, on helping busy salon owners who do not have time to train their team.


Joan on stage in a seminar room at Tullamore Allure College with a trainee in another salon who was sent to Joan for training and confidence building x


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I look forward to hearing from you all in strict confidence.


Much Love



Joan x