Waxperts Wax

Waxing with Waxperts Wax

Do you wish to be waxed with a Luxury Wax that reduces the pain of waxing, and prevents sticky residue ?

At Allure we invest in the best for our clients and using Waxperts( with it’s lavender essential oils)  for a number of years now makes up ahead of the rest. Waxperts have designed a Waxpert Cleanser, Pre wax oil and an after wax oil to ensure comfort throughout your treatment.


What is Waxperts Hot Wax?

A pre wax oil is applied beforehand, which creates a protective barrier to the skin.This wax sets ( it is also known as a hard or peel wax) and adheres itself to the hair and lifts it up from the follicle. Once it sets, your therapist will peel it away. Waxperts hot was has a lower melting point than other hot waxes. It is most suitable for facial, bikini and underarm waxing.

“The Fragrance alone makes you fall in love with it, the pain free factor makes you want more and enjoy your waxing experience”

Are you nervous of being waxed?

Our Therapists are very professional, confident and look after you in confidence, remember this is the path they have chosen, and they wax all day every day and their job is to relax the client along with focusing on removing the unwanted hair and making our client’s happy. In both of our salons we have private rooms for waxing treatments.

Will it hurt ?

The key factor of Waxperts is to make your waxing experience as pain free as possible and this it does. It is a pleasant experience to be waxed with Waxperts. If you have being shaving or using cream waxes, the hair will be coarse  so you may feel it more, however this only lasts a few seconds and with every wax your hair weakens, so it does become much more comfortable. We advise you book your waxing for every 4 – 5 weeks for optimum results. If the hair is longer than 1cm ( length of a grain of rice) you will feel a little more discomfort but it honestly is never as bad as a old fashioned strip paper and wax.


What Should I do Before my waxing appointment?

  • Exfoliate the area in question a couple of days before your wax, this will remove dead skin cells, and prepare the skin for your wax.
  • On the day of your wax do not moisturise or use deodorants.
  • Avoid hot baths and showers.

We retail Waxperts wonder pads to prevent in grown hairs forming and are brilliant for home care after your waxing appointment.

waxperts wonder pads

Strip wax: We offer a cool wax for the leg, arm, chest and back area.

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