Course Outline

Our ITEC Beauty Therapy course is an excellent course to build the experience, skill, knowledge and confidence needed to become a beauty therapist. Unlike most Beauty therapy courses in both our colleges we offer a full Make up artistry skill so you leave fully confident in all areas of make up , beauty and in salon life.

Course Content:

This course will cover a variety of mandatory units to ensure you achieve the best standard and experience possible. Both practical and theory in each of the units will be taught.

See All Units & Areas covered below:

Anatomy and Physiology:

 * Covering all the main areas needed to work as a beauty therapist starting with the cells tissues and the main systems that affect the face, arm,hand, leg and foot, muscular, vascular, skeletal, digestive, respiratory, lymphatic, excretory, nervous, endocrine and reproductive.


  • Learner Conduct. 
  • Conducting a professional in depth consultation. 
  • Client care. 
  • Record cards.
  • Hygiene.
  • Sterilisation.
  • Sales Presentation. 
  • Reception.
The Skin & Eye.
  • Detailed studies of the skin and it’s appendages. 
  • Skin Types.
  • How to Analysis the skin and skin disorders. 
  • Contraindications to salon or home treatments.
  • Disorders of the eyes and the eye lid.
  • Eye Lash Tinting.
  • Eye Brow shaping.
  • Contraindications to Massage.
  • Home Made Masks & Scrubs.
Make Up Unit 10:
  • AT Allure we believe as a Beauty Therapist you need a full make up artist skill and this is what we give on the course going over and beyond the syllabus.


  • Explore the art and skill of waxing and the difference between hot and cold wax theory and application.
  • Contraindications to Waxing.
  • After Care.
  • Types of areas to wax.


Manicure & Pedicure:
  • Contraindications to massage.
  • Structure of the nail and the nail bed. 
  • Nail Care.
  • Nail diseases and disorders. 
  • Application of a manicure & pedicure.


  • Business conduct.
  • Business  Ethics.
  • Ethics/Organisation/Management.
  • Cosmetic Science.
  • First Aid.
Free with this course:
  • Under the Belt waxing.
  • 3 Week Uv polish course.
  • Free Tanning.
  • Salon Experience.
  • Photo shoot work.
  • Full Make up Artistry Skill as we cover all types of Make up and not just the ITEC syllabus.
Learner Requirements:
  • Allure Offers Free Parking for all our learners in Allure Tullamore. 
  • Learners can use our college kit for practise within waxing etc however additional items will be required by each learner. 
  • We also advise you to purchase your own kit for home use and practise. All of this will be explained to you on the first Day/Evening of the course.
  • Learners should wear black wide leg trousers, a black tunic with a black long sleeve top under it or a black fitted cardigan. Black closed toe flat shoes. 
  • Hair should be worn in a neat bun and no jewellery is allowed. ( A wedding band is accepted).
  • Stationary items will be required and all of this will be sent to you via email before your course commences.
  • All Learners will be invited to our Annual Graduation ball in which we celebrate your success & achievement with your family & friends.
  • This is a cap & gown  awards ceremony( with food and drinks) an a photographer will be there to capture your special moments.
  • Of course we will then party the night away with Music drinks and lots of fun.
Awarding Body:
  • Allure Midland College of Hair, Make up and beauty completion certificate.
  • ITEC Level 2 Beauty Specialist Diploma. 
  • Allure 3 Week UV  Polish Certificate.
  • Allure under the belt waxing course.
  • Allure Tanning course.

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