This fun educational course is suited to help mums or dads and our special little ones have no tears doing hair for school or events and let them off feeling good . Who does Not want to treat them and make life easier for you too !!!

Course Content

What will I learn?

* Hygiene with the hair so you can educate your own daughter.
* How to Brush the Hair correctly.
* Sections.
* Touch on curling.
* Products to help prevent head lice, tears and have soft tangle free hair.
* Braids and Plaiting ( You can do the basic or advanced depending on your level with the hair) WE can chat to you on the evening.
* Applying a bobbin, Piggy Tails, 2 Plaits, and styles for long and shorter hair types.
* You can bring in your daughter with you for a hour to practise on her otherwise it is Dolly Heads you work on as they cannot give out to you !!! So we suggest practising first and letting them in near the end of the night or again the dolly heads as they are so good to work on for a course like this.

What do I need ?

All you need!! Is a Back combing Brush from Penney’s. €1.99


Usually €50 per person and €60 per couple but we have some early bird seats available and then it only costs €40 per person or €50 per couple. Book Quick before they are gone.

Also if you have other mums/dads who you feel would be interested (4 mums/dads or more plus you ) if you all book together you get a further discounted group rate.

Awarding Body

Awarding Body: Certification of completion is awarded by Allure Midland College of Hair Make up & Beauty.

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Next Dates

Allure Tullamore January 29th 2018 from 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm
Next Date: Allure Athlone February 12th 2018 from 6.30 pm – 9.30 pm.

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