ITEC Level 3 Hairdressing

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This course is suited to anyone who has a idea of hairdressing, who can conduct the fundamentals of hair basics and who  needs the practical skill mainly and touch of the theory to go with this practical skill.  This is a International recognised course.

This course is advanced so It will be  a blended version of Online Theory, Practical videos where we can or if required and in Allure College  training. See Time table attached as this will save so much time travelling.  NOTE THIS Can change and alter week to week  and there is no set dates for all each.

For this course you need to be working in a salon, or have a good basic knowledge on hairdressing,  as it is all advanced, however we will recap on  the basic in Cutting, Colour and Upstyling.

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Pay a deposit of 200.00 per Course